Sokol Racetrack, Kazakhstan

The company will install the sophisticated electronic systems required so the Kazakhstan circuit can host the most important motor racing and motorcycling events.
Al Kamel Systems’ CEO José Luis García states: “We will carry out the installation of the latest generation of electronic systems for racing tracks, with great novelties, developed “in house”, in CCTV, Digital Flags System, Info Display Systems, Timekeeping and distribution of TV signal.”
Rahimjan Talipov, Director of Sokol Race Track: “We are extremely proud to have Al Kamel Systems as a new partner on board in a key area such as the Special Electronics.”.

As part of its international expansion, Al Kamel Systems will start providing its cutting-edge technology to the new Asian circuit of Sokol Racetrack. The Kazakhstan track, which is under construction at the moment, aims to host renowned top international competitions. To get this achievement, the prestigious Spanish company has been assigned to install the necessary technological infrastructure to place this circuit in the motorsport elite.
The agreement reached with Sokol assigns Al Kamel Systems the task of installing a CCTV system with racetrack video surveillance which is controlled through the Race Direction main system. Additionally, the company, headquartered in La Garriga (Barcelona), will be in charge of the Race Control room and the track digital flags signalling system, all complying with FIA and FIM standards. 
Al Kamel Systems accredited specialists will also install the info display system and the effective timekeeping software, created by the Barcelona-based company, as well as all the necessary cabling. “We have to thank RacingLoop and Sokol Racetrack who have trusted Al Kamel Systems to be in charge of the Special Electronics integration supplied in this new encouraging project. We will carry out the installation and distribution of the track CCTV, Digital Video Storage, Signalling and Digital Flags System, Info Display System and Timekeeping software and installation”, explains José Luis García, Al Kamel Systems’ CEO.

RacingLoop, the motorsport experienced specialized company devoted to motorsport events, will also play an important role in this ambitious initiative by providing their professional support, consulting and design services in the integration of all the supplied electronics. Tomé Alfonso, director of RacingLoop, comments “Sokol racetrack will become soon the most important motorsports hub in Central Asia. It is an outstanding project and technology is a sector that is changing and improving every day. We know how important the special electronics of a circuit is, so we are very happy to collaborate with Al Kamel Sytems in the Sokol project, since they have a huge experience in this field”.

The Sokol racetrack is in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Designed by the famous architect Hermann Tilke, it is 4,495 meters long and 15 meters wide. The circuit aims to host top-class competitions.  

Sokol Racetrack director, Rahimjan Talipov, recognises that “The construction works of Sokol circuit are going very fast now and Special Electronics is a key area of the project. That is why we partnered a top level and worldwide experienced company in this sector. We have been working with RacingLoop consultancy company for a long time and now we are extremely proud to have Al Kamel Systems as a new partner on board”.

At present, Al Kamel Systems is responsible for the timing, TV graphics and the infrastructures of high-capacity wireless and communication networks of prestigious international competitions such as FIA Formula E, FIA WEC, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the European Le Mans Series and the Ferrari Challenge. The company is also present at IMSA competitions in the USA like the Daytona 24 Hours. In addition, it collaborates with Peter Auto and the Barcelona-Catalunya and Spa-Francorchamps circuits, among others.