"There was once a Moorish king of Granada who had but one son, whom he named Ahmed, to which his courtiers added the surname of Al Kamel, or The Perfect, from the indubitable signs of superexcellence which they perceived in him in his very infancy."
Tales of the Alhambra, Washington Irving
"The Legend of Prince Ahmed Al Kamel, or The Pilgrim of Love."

Al Kamel Systems is a company specialising in timing, data processing, connectivity and graphic design for television production of high-level sporting events, with a special focus on motor sports.

Incorporated in 2004, the company's main offices are located in the town of  La Garriga (Barcelona) very close to the Circuit de Catalunya.
Just one year later (2005) Al Kamel Systems supplied the official timing in the A1GP international championship, the first and only Spanish company to be awarded this contract.
In 2006, we signed with another major international championship, the World Series by Renault, which is why Al Kamel Systems launched a new product that the market demanded, a complete timing service: timing and graphics for television productions became a single product from a single source.
Since that time Al Kamel Systems has been dedicated to the research and development of the needs of the sector and the creation of multiple help tools for different event organisation tasks, facilitating the analysis and control of race development and adding a network and on-line service for providing the organisation and participants three different services from a single supplier, which makes Al Kamel Systems a complete and global solution.

Since 2010 we have also executed projects for television producers and the national networks that have requested graphics services and real-time data processing for TV programs that require information ASAP for "prime-time" broadcasts, seen by millions of viewers.

Our vision is to continue to grow and remain a benchmark in the field of high-profile sports events and graphics for television, providing innovative solutions based on each customer's specific needs without sacrificing flexibility, dedication and personalised service in every project.