Our Turnkey Solutions

Smart, adaptable plug-and-play systems that can give your project the refined edge it deserves. Years of experience have given us the ability to build and source state-of-the-art hard- and software that can be easily integrated and modulated to suit any circuit or series.


Back-up system based on in-house developped and built cameras:

  • Camera / system status control
  • More than one camera on same detection line is possible
  • Events by transpodner time, photocell time and motion detection
  • Up to 30 frames sequence per event
  • Cameras 1200×1200 @ 40 fps
  • Motion warning “event without transponder”
  • Warning handling
  • Search by all possible parameters (camera, event type, time, warning, etc.)
  • Integrateable as vehicle-counting system and pit-out lights
  • Triggers pit-horn when vehicle enters the pit-lane
  • Timing Software Integration

In unison with the Track Eye camera, we have built a precise and highly reliable Jump Start analysis system. The system generates video clips taken from all assigned Starting Grid cameras to recognize early starts in minute detail:

  • Automatic and Manual Mode
  • Downloadable Video Files
  • Manual Analysiss (frame by frame)

Multiple Settings for Deeper Analisys


Identify infringements during an event. This systems works in tandem with specifically allocated CCTV cameras.

Automatic reports are generated after each detecition.

EASY – Automatic Report generated

ACCURATE – Automatic Car Detection

QUICK – Real Time Sporting Decisions

Detection By Either:

  • CCTV software which excludes common issues such as image freezing or delays
  • Possibility to label each camera image screen with different informaiton
  • Supports an unlimited number of cameras around the track
  • 4K Ready

 We set up temporary and permanent Race Control rooms with all the necesarry equipment:

  • Video Wall
  • Network Solutions
  • Mounting Systems
  • Monitoring Systems

We offer the set up of hosting services to facilitate the usage of RC Rooms for a variety of racing series.


We provide a complete track light signalling and digital flags systems. It complies with all the international regulations about light signalling and light marshalling.

Al Kamel Systems can adapt its lighting systems to specifically suit the needs of its clients, including the installation FIA and FIM standardized starting procedures. Additionally, our systems can be modified to adapt to CIK homologated Kart and other circuits. Special features include an integrated audible warning system that can be trigged manually, or within an automated sequence. Each of our starting light systems are delivered with an in-house developed start light console, allowing for simple, efficient and personalized management of the starting lights.
Pit Out lights are designed to inform vehicles exiting the track on the open or closed state of the circuit. It also has three blue flashing discs for Pit Out traffic warning to inform exiting vehicles of fast-travelling vehicles approaching from the main straight. As with the start light panel, repeater discs for TV (RRG) are included.  Depending on the need, these lights can be adapted in size and functionality.
Additionally, the lights can be triggered by:                                     
  • Track Eye Camera
  • Al Kamel Lighting Software
  • Race Director
  • Manually (by Marshall)
These are acoustic warnings to mitigate the possibility of dangerous situations within the pit lane. Horns installed along the pit lane emit a clear warning to teams, drivers, marshals and others, minimizing the possibility of accidents at pit lane entry, where vehicles pass. Control for horn start and horn time to adapt to any circuit Pit In layout.
Additionally, the alarm can be triggered by:           
  • Track Eye Camera
  • Al Kamel Software
  • Race Director
  • Manually (by Marshall)

This system is designed to show a wide range of flags as well as personalized images. Our system allows for local control from Marshall posts as well as centralized control from Race
Control. Enables fast and accurate response to safety information during any race. The system can easily be adapted in high contrast and brightness for perfect display in every
weather condition. Any size LED Panels with, or without, back repeater can be designed, built and installed. Additionally, Al Kamel Systems can link the control of this panel to
any device.

The LED Panel system can be controlled using and intuitive and easy to use software. This system additionally allows remote controlling from third party (timing) software,
where it is possible to set up different layouts/profiles and recover when necessary. The software is additionally (at request) able to manage all FIA/FIM homologated LED
panels around the entire racetrack. This system can be managed on PC, Laptop, or smart mobile devices.

With the increasing velocity of vehicles, paired with the call to higher safety standards, digital flagging systems are becoming a standard installation for modern race circuits and series. Al Kamel Systems can design and install any number of signalling units around a predefined perimeter, ensuring that drivers, marshals and the public alike are easily able to identify the state of the track or a specific section. The entire flagging system can be controlled directly at the panels, or remotely within a predefined location (i.e. Race Control).