Professional Solutions

Secure, private, efficient. Al Kamel Systems has developed solutions specifically designed to support the needs of teams and manufacturers private tests. The solutions are designed to facilitate communication on track and remotely, whilst ensuring that all data transmitted is secure and precise.


To facilitate the data distribution and access, Al Kamel Systems has developed the V2 Protocol. This software will be entirely accessible via a dedicated cloud. Its main features include:

  • Live data stream incorporating all timing information
  • Protocol feeds SBG software
  • Updated at each timing loop around the specified circuit
  • Real Time Data integrated into team’s own software

The protocol gives teams the opportunity to work with all timing data in real-time, integrated within any teams’ specific software, allowing them to take advantage of the information they specifically need.

This cloud service is accessible from any location, allowing for team members, or other relevant individuals, located around the globe, to access and follow the results in real time.


Allows teams to receive all timing data, weather and pits info in real time, connected through the teams’ network at each venue – when using Al Kamel Systems timing services.

  • User and password provided by Al Kamel Systems
  • Session details: name, duration, time remaining
  • Windows’ layout configurable
  • Classification overall and by category
  • Sectors and top speed point passings
  • Pit Entry, Pit Exit and duration of the stop
  • Weather info
  • Follow Car Function
  • Race Direction Messages
  • Positioning map
  • Synchronization with timing data