Remote Solutions

Precise timing, fully integrated systems, direct customer service and benchmark TV Graphics – at a distance. Al Kamel Systems has developed a system that will allow customers to benefit from our systems, without the need of extensive staff overhead – all via cloud computing and remote systems management. Timekeeping and Graphics of the 21st Century.


To meet the needs of frequently changing race schedules and venues, Al Kamel Systems has developed a remote Timekeeping service in order to provide state-of-the-are Timing whilst reducing the amount of staff required on site at any race or test. This system will allow you to receive:

  • Timing results by email
  • Live timing
  • Timing data stream (connection to V2 Protocol required)

without the need to have Al Kamel Systems staff directly on site. This system is aimed to have a significant impact on the overall reduction of costs tests and races, additionally providing our customers more flexibility within the planning of their season.


We understand the importance that TV Graphics plays in the successful broadcasting of any motorsport event. In many cases however, TV graphics are a luxury that many series are struggling to incorporate due to the associated costs.

It is for this reason that we have developed a solution that will offer state of the art TV Graphics to our clients, without the need to fly-in dedicated team members to global racing events.

With the use of a transmitter on the operator side, and a dedicated receiver at the on-site TV production facility, Al Kamel Systems is able to provide real-time TV graphics to any event, anywhere in the world.

Fill and key signals are sent via an internet connection from the control centre in La Garriga to the event venue, additionally allowing for the integrating of the intercom signal.

With this groundbreaking technology, Al Kamel Systems aims to bring racing to the world, and the world to racing.